EPC of Solar & Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Projects

EPC of Solar & Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Projects

Build Your Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Plants With Greenzo

The importance of ammonia is self-evident. It is not only an important chemical raw material for modern industry and agricultural fertilizers but also one of the main carriers of hydrogen energy. However, 98% of the feedstock for ammonia production comes from fossil fuels.

With the intensification of global warming and environmental issues, it is inevitable to find an appropriate green alternative to achieve low energy consumption, low emission, sustainable, and efficient ammonia production. Green synthetic ammonia technology came into being.

Green ammonia production is where the process of producing ammonia that is 100% renewable and carbon-free. One way of producing green ammonia is by using hydrogen from water electrolysis and nitrogen separated from the air.

Geeenzo provides consultancy services for Green Hydrogen and Ammonia Plants. We provide a demand-supply assessment of hydrogen and ammonia in any State or Country and its neighboring areas. We provide details on the existing infrastructure available to export green hydrogen ammonia and raw materials.

Our survey report includes information on the feasibility of developing the required infrastructure, including storage tanks, pipelines, distribution depots, and port facilities. Greenzo assesses the potential for exports to other countries based on the desktop study. It indicates how much green hydrogen and green ammonia will replace their conventional uses.

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