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About Us
About Us
About Our Company

We are a full-value chain green hydrogen energy solutions provider. We develop, own, and operate renewables and green hydrogen infrastructure, to deliver dedicated zero-emission energy services to our customers.

Greenzo energy has vast experience in the field of renewable energy, executed many consultancy and installations turnkey based renewable energy projects with new edge technologies. We are a pragmatic, economic, and solution-based energy services company with a difference. Using Green Hydrogen we can unlock green energy solutions that are tailored to our client’s needs. As we build our network of distributed energy services across India and the world, the network becomes stronger and the value of our offering grows. Our model is unique and is transforming the way we can provide future-proof technology and deliver for our clients.

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Our Strength
Our aim is to make the green shift happen by realizing the potential of hydrogen. The world’s climate is under pressure and time is running out. The demand for clean energy is greater than the supply, and the need for smart solutions is urgent. Our technology will not only produce blue hydrogen from bio- and natural gas - and catch the CO₂ generated in the process. We will also make the whole operation cheaper, cleaner, and better. Our ambition is to make hydrogen production profitable so that sustainable energy solutions with zero emissions gain a competitive advantage.
In the long term, we envision being vertically integrated across the production, storage, and transportation of green hydrogen and ammonia, also giving turnkey solutions to customers of green hydrogen & ammonia.

We invite you to join our mission for contributing to a better, greener future.

We have reliable & trusted vendors who are ready to comply with all assignments in a time-bound manner. We have a team of experienced senior-level technocrats like NTPC ltd (A Maharatna Power Company, which has bases in India as well abroad). A research team of young professionals of IIT , NIT, and NTPC business school, who are totally dedicated to market research, GREEN HYDROGEN Electrolysers technology as well as it’s vertical like green AMMONIA & ultimately to integrate to fertilizer plants in future as per feasibility. 

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We are proud to be making a positive difference in the world – providing clean energy sustainably and responsibly and securing a future for generations to come.
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Our Team is Making this World Sustainable

Here at Greenzo, we leverage our team’s broad experience in and deep knowledge of renewable energy, engineering, operations, and more to design and deploy state-of-the-art green Hydrogen solutions.

Our work is highly appreciated by our esteemed clients

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Mr. Sandeep Agarwal, M-TECH
Founder & President
Mr. Raj Kumar Agarwal, Ex AGM-NTPC
Senior Vice President
Mr. Bharat Gupta, M-TECH
Chief Technical Officer
Mr. Bijendra Singh Basnyat, MCA
Country Director Nepal
Dr. Shubham Gupta, MBBS, MD.
Head, Research & Development
Ms. Shreya Agarwal, BS Economic, IIT
Financial Analyst
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Er. Aditya Gupta, BE Chemical -IIT Delhi
Process Development Manager
Ms. Arushi Gupta, Btech -CS , MBA
Strategy Development Manager
Ms. Roopa Bhandari LLB , MBA
Business Development Manager

Sanjeev Neupane

Managing Director, API Power Company
When we decided the solar power, the government policy was not clear. Banks were also hesitant to support it because it was the first solar project for Nepal. But with the right guidance and support from Greenzo, we have succeeded in the project during the Covid-19 pandemic peak period. I like to thank Greenzo for their motivation, dedication, and marvels services to complete the project on time. They had provided the project on promised time. The Chandranigahapur 4 MW project is the best solar project in Nepal done by Greenzo through their Nepal project Kushal Project Nepal. We appreciate their effort and support. We are decided to take Greenzo as our long-term partner and started another project Parwanipur 8MW.

Mr. Guru Mainali

Founder, API Power Company, Nepal
I am very happy with Greenzo and its Director Mr. Sandeep Agrawal for the success of the 4 MW Chandranigahapur in a short time with skilled expertise. Used equipment and materials are high quality. I congratulate my company and personally also both of them and wish you all the best for their future. If we do in the future, we will work with them as a repeated partner.

Mr. Nabin Kumar Singh - Chairman

ECO Power Development, Nepal
I started the project on the COVID-19 epidemic and it was on lockdown. I was afraid to start the project but with the effort of Greenzo Energy, we convinced the client bank. We worked day and night to complete the project on time. I would like to thank EPC contractor, Greenzo energy for their hard effort, contribution, and dedication. The 7MW project was completed within 7 months. I wish greenzo energy for their success. We will also be working together on our next 17 MW project.

Mr. Narayan Das Manandhar

Chief Executive Director, Prime Commercial Bank, Nepal
We are surprised that Greenzo energy completed the project within 7 months of the epidemic and lockdown of COVID-19. Took all awareness of safety measures for COVID-19 during the work and completed the project on time. All the materials and used equipment are high quality. I would like to thank Greenzo and its team for their dedication to the work.

We are Building a Sustainable Future.

Let’s adopt green energy for a green environment.