Providing Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Battery Storage Solutions And Transportation

Providing Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Battery Storage Solutions And Transportation

Providing Hydrogen Fuel Cell, Battery Storage Solutions And Transportation

Hydrogen has the potential to play a central role in the transition to a more sustainable energy economy. Not only is it the perfect vector for fluctuating renewables serving various industrial applications, it is also an effective way to decarbonize mobility. With zero tailpipe emissions, it becomes a truly green source of fuel with a zero-carbon footprint if generated using renewable wind or solar power to split water (electrolysis).

This makes H2 a particularly attractive option for logistics or public transport fleet operators looking to reduce their carbon footprint. We deliver a range of hydrogen fueling stations with different capacities supporting different supply modes (gaseous or liquid) and vehicle-specific outlet pressures. Furthermore, our entire product portfolio is designed for efficient, seamless scalability. This means that fleet managers can always find the perfect fit for their needs – whether they are operating a small collection of cars/forklifts or managing a large-scale pool of trucks, buses or trains.

Our Services Include:

  • Broad offering scaling from low-volume transportable units to high-volume stations for large fleets
  • Perfect fit for all supply modes, station throughputs and vehicle-specific outlet pressures
  • Patented, innovative technologies setting the benchmark for energy efficiency and reliability
  • Long service life combining ease of use with low maintenance
  • Highly compact, containerized designs with compact footprints for rapid deployment
  • Standardized systems with adaptable technical specifications
  • Compliance with the fueling standard

GreenZo provides holistic, fully integrated hydrogen (H2) fueling stations. We cover the full project lifecycle from planning and design through build and commissioning right up to service and maintenance. With a long and impressive list of reference projects, we are clearly positioned as a pioneer in the execution of high-performance hydrogen infrastructure solutions tailored to individual needs and conditions on the ground. Having built more than 200 hydrogen refueling stations worldwide, we lead the market for station efficiency (kWh/kg), reliability and safety.

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